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Gold Liquid

Suzei Povlich

Director of Marketing & Design

Meet Suzei

Suzei, is the co-owner of multiple businesses in the Warrior's portfolio, including the Grateful Crow, she is also the passionate co-founder of the non-profit initiative, Project 418 in Haiti. She was the designer of the Grateful Crow from interior design, to the stunning digital presence that she captures through her photography and web marketing skills.

With a remarkable ability to balance the roles of entrepreneur and mother to many, she raised her five boys, actively involving them in their respective businesses and passions. As the visionary Director of Marketing & Design, Suzei's love for the arts steered her toward a path in graphic design, digital marketing, and interior design.


With a keen eye for creativity and an adept management style, Suzei oversees multiple businesses and team members, playing a pivotal role in shaping their success. Her unique blend of skills in design and marketing adds a distinctive touch to the Warriors' ventures, ensuring a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and strategic business development.

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